NTree International Ltd

Connecting Chinese ETF and fund issuers with European asset and money managers


Many international asset managers wishing to issue and list funds in the European market have difficulty reaching investors and asset allocators. NTree's exchange traded assets distribution and capital markets solutions enable new market entrants quick and cost efficient market access.

This is the cornerstone of our business. We have experience of selling and marketing active and passive funds in both Europe and North America. This unique experience and insight into the marketing and selling of funds means our focus is very much geared for success.

Capital Markets
Having a tight bid/offer spread is vital to the success of your products and the growth of your AUMs. We connect you with market-makers and advise on how best to structure creation/redemption agreements.

Product Design
Helping International asset managers understand what products European investors are looking for: which domicile, which listing venue, which currency and which index.

For more information on how Ntree can assist you with your European distribution and capital markets needs, please see our website:


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