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Horizon Strategic Partners develops mobile healthcare solutions.
Their first mHealth solution MicroGuide was launched in 2013, a service that is now used by over 120 Medical Organizations in the UK and all around the world. The service is accessed by over 120,000 clinicians on their mobile devices.

MicroGuide enables medical specialists to create, edit, manage and publish local clinical guidance to their doctors and nurses so they always have the latest guidance at the point of care. The service is being implemented at Shenzhen’s Children’s’ Hospital in 2018.

The MicroGuide service includes a drug data base, clinical calculators and allows medical specialists to easily construct algorithms that once published guide doctors to the best treatment for individual patients on their mobile device.

MicroGuide was originally only used to publish antimicrobial guidelines but it is now being used to distribute a wide range of local clinical guidelines, such as emergency medicine, pain management and wound dressing guidance to doctors.

In 2018 Horizon launched MediEmo, a mobile application that streamlines medicine management for Fertility Clinics and provides emotional support for patients undergoing IVF treatment.

The next phase in the development of MediEmo is to allow the patient to self-test for all hormones from home. The results from these tests will automatically update their medical records via the MediEmo mobile app automating drug regime changes. This significantly reduces the chances of medication errors and reduces patient stress and clinical costs.

Our objective is to build on this success and become a trusted advisor to medical organisations and help them take advantage of the emerging m-Health) technological revolution.

Horizon Strategic Partners提供移动医疗解决方案。


MicroGuide 使医学专家能够为他们的医生和护士创建、编辑、管理和发布当地专属的临床指导,以便他们始终在临床和护理点提供最新的指导。2018年该服务正在深圳儿童医院实施

MicroGuide 服务包括药物数据库,临床计算器,并允许医学专家轻松构建算法,该算法发布后可指导医生针对个别患者进行最佳治疗。

MicroGuide 最初仅用于发布抗微生物指南,但如今它正拓展向医生发布各式各样当地临床指南,如急诊药物,疼痛管理和伤口敷料指导。



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