Kaplan-CITIC Education Limited


Kaplan-CITIC Education Limited is a joint venture between Kaplan Inc. and CITIC Press Group. As a leading international education company it provides professional training as well as education services.
Kaplan Inc. was founded in 1938 and is world-renowned for providing educational services to individuals, schools, and businesses in the United States and internationally. The focus of the company is to build futures one success story at a time by helping individuals achieve their educational and career goals.
Kaplan International English teaches language courses in more than 50 schools in 8 English-speaking countries worldwide as well as online. It provides high quality language training services for more than 7,000 students from 100 countries.
In Australia, Kaplan Professional offers learning solutions ranging from compliance programs to professional training in areas such as accounting, insurance, securities, real estate, financial planning, information technology, engineering and architecture, healthcare and nursing. Annually, they train over 50,000 advisers, managers and customer service staff.


Kaplan教育集团创立于1938年,是全球最大的教育集团之一,教育服务包括教育培训和职业培训,业务遍布25个国家和地区,在全球拥有 6,000多个教学中心,超过21,000名教职员工,每年受教育者超过100万人。

凭借Kaplan在金融、财会、地产、健康医疗、英语语言培训等方面的资源优势及其遍布海外的高等院校及培训中心,充分利用中信集团在国内的品 牌知名 度和市场优势,中信楷岚教育通过学历教育、行业资质认证及职业培训、标准化考试业务、英语学习及终身学习业务,形成中信特色的教育体系和品牌影响力,不断提升本土化职业教育水平,根植中国,服务中国。

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