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Inteliheat Technology is the new China subsidiary of LMK Thermosafe Ltd., a world-leading European manufacturer of industrial heating equipment.  LMK Thermosafe is the world leader in design and manufacture of Induction Drum Heaters and Flexible Heating Jackets for totes, IBCs, barrels and containers of many sizes, supplying more than 60 countries. The original THERMOSAFE® Induction drum heater was manufactured and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in 1986.

Our products are of the highest quality and safety standards, and so sales success is not based on price discounting, but on excellent pre-sales support and product engineering.

Our heating equipment is the gold standard due to its energy efficiency, speed of heating, robust design and certification standards.  Heaters have been supplied to over 60 countries in Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Americas, and not a single heater coil has failed in its 30 years of production and use.

With a full range of heating solutions for standard industrial containers in both hazardous and ordinary locations available off the shelf, exports quickly grew as world markets recognized the exceptional quality and value for money of these products.  This resulted in LMK Thermosafe Ltd being awarded the “Queens Award for International Trade” in 2012.

The Company has always sought to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and continues to invest in new product initiatives where these help our global partners meet technical challenges heating materials or surfaces.

英特海利贸易(成都)有限公司是全球领先的欧洲工业加热设备制造商LMK Thermosafe Ltd在中国的一家新的子公司。LMK Thermosafeis 是全球设计与制造电感应加热器和柔性加热套的佼佼者,产品用于多种尺寸的桶状及其他形状容器,包括IBC吨桶、气瓶等,供应于全球超过60个国家。



我们凭借为标准工业容器在安全和易爆两种环境下提供全面的加热解决方案这一优势,我们的产品在质量和性价比方面很快被市场所认可,出口量迅速增大 。这也促使了我公司在2012年获得了英国“女王国际贸易奖”。


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