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QuoLux™ develops high performance leadership and management skills for individuals and their senior teams to improve the productivity and profitability of businesses, and supports leaders to be the best leaders they can be in both family and non-family businesses.

Our training programmes are practical and work-based, meaning that all the content is directly relevant to the delegate and their business. They provide personal and professional development for the delegate, and organisational development for the business.

Leading MBA™ is our 2-year MBA programme on leadership, business strategy and innovation. It is delivered 100% online via a bespoke learning platform and app, accessible on all devices. Learning online means there are no travel time and costs and the delegate does not need to leave their family, friends or business in order to achieve this practical MBA.

To join the programme there is no requirement for any previous qualification, as entry is based on professional experience and the ability to communicate in English.

There are also no exams to sit during the 2 years. Instead assessment is done via a work-based learning approach that builds on the delegate’s leadership experiences and learning from the programme. Here the delegate has their learning accredited by a British University to gain the highly respected and fully accredited MBA – the gold standard in education.

Joining Leading MBA™ means joining an international network of business peers that provides a community for learning together, sharing experiences and the understanding that what you face in your business may be similar in other businesses.
Each month you are introduced to valuable new tools and techniques that can be directly applied in your organisation, and we train you in a selection of coaching models for your team and business.

Leading MBA™ is the ideal blend of learning and practice for busy business people who want to get ahead.

中国近几十年的飞速发展,造就了一批如阿里巴巴和华为这样的世界级 优秀企业,进入二十一世纪,随着全球化的迅速发展,激烈的竞争环境 下,中国企业更加需要高素质、高水准的领导者,因为人才是推动企业发 展的主动力,更是衡量一个国家综合国力的重要指标。

Leading MBA 课程(励鼎MBA)汇聚了优秀教育 人才的丰富理念,结合多家成功企业的实际案 例,为遍布全球的学员提供丰富多样的课程,从 而造就卓越的领导者。 拥有持续性的成功企业,离不开拥有远见和洞 察力的掌舵人。我们的课程不仅培养锐意进取 的战略人才,更是帮助学员开拓思维,放眼世 界,旨在帮助家族或是非家族企业的拥有者、董 事和高级管理人员成为更有效的领导者,令企 业的业务绩效实现跨越式的发展。

在全球化的大环境下,各行各 业的竞争,归根结底就是人才 的竞争。您的所学都是以实用 为基础,这意味着学习内容扎 根于实际的商务环境,并且专 注于您和您的切身业务情况, 为您个人和企业增添价值。 与传统的MBA录取条件相比, 我们认为每一位有意愿提高自 身的实干家们不应该被古板的 入学要求所限,为此我们大胆 创新,决定对于希望加入励鼎 MBA课程的学员,都不需要先 前的资格或者学位证书,也没 有考试,而是专注于申请人的 实际工作经验和英语水平。 我们的课程评估是通过基于工 作的学习模式进行的 - 您可以 向您的企业和大学评估员展示 您如何应用您的学习计划并开 发您的商业实践。 这一课程将 为您和您的企业在日趋激烈的 竞争环境下,助上一臂之力。

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