Naylor Farms

We are Naylor Farms from Moulton Seas End, Lincolnshire, England.

We are the biggest growers of cabbage in Europe, and over the last 18 months have developed a range of 5 Coleslaw’s and Potato Salad.

Our range of products have a 120-day shelf life, with no additional preservatives or additives, which is quite a unique USP. This cuts down on waste for all customers in service sector, retail and the end user, whilst the product still maintains all of its freshness.

We are set up to supply throughout China and Asia in both retail and service sectors; in our innovative pouches that come in 225g, 1kg and 2kg.

The salads we produce have a high quality and strong provenance; using our own farmed cabbage, plus we have traceability of all our ingredients.

With the farm now being run by Simon Naylor, the 4th generation of the Naylor family, our heritage and commitment is clearly demonstrated. Simon has shown his true dedication through pushing his 110-year-old business to the next level, by diversifying from the cultivation of premium vegetables to food manufacturing, all the while keeping our true family orientated mindset.

The Lincolnshire land we farm is the best arable land in the United Kingdom and where most UK vegetables and grains are grown. The county has a rich growing heritage and we are very much part of that.

We would really like to supply your business, so if you would like to try our range please contact me and I will send you some samples.

UK Address
Roman Bank, Moulton Seas End

Ben Naylor
Worldwide Sales
Tel: 07445200200