RB & Manon Business Co., Ltd

Founded on July 1st, 1999, RB & Manon Business Co., Ltd. established a Joint Venture with UK-based Reckitt Benckiser (referred to as “RB”), one of the world's largest producers of household cleaning and personal care consumer goods in February 2011. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, it has 3 branches in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Beijing, over 120 offices nationwide and a professional team of over 1700 employees.

It is the exclusive distributor for the world’s No. 1 sexual wellbeing brand “durex”, the world’s No. 1 germ protection brand “Dettol”, the world’s No.1 dishwasher detergent brand “finish”, popular French depilatory brand “Veet” in Chinese mainland. It’s also the exclusive distributor for US leading VMS brand “Schiff”, US professional brand for joint health “Move Free”, US professional krill oil brand “MegaRed” and No.1 insect repellent brand in Australia “Aerogard” through cross border E-commerce.

The company has achieved good sustainable development by sticking to the philosophy of focus and persistence, the principle of altruism, and with sincerity, entrepreneurship, diligence, and harmony as its core values since founded over a decade ago.


上海曼伦商贸有限公司(RB & Manon Business Co., Ltd.) 成立于1999年7月1日,2011年2月与全球最大的家用清洁及个人护理消费品公司之一英国利洁时集团(Reckitt Benckiser简称“RB”)成立合资公司。公司总部位于中国上海,在香港、广州、北京设有3个分公司,并在全国设有120多个分支机构,现拥有超过1700名员工的专业团队。

曼伦在中国大陆地区独家代理经营全球两性健康用品第一品牌“杜蕾斯”“durex”、 世界除菌领域第一品牌“滴露”“Dettol”、世界洗碗机洗涤剂第一品牌“finish” 、法国畅销脱毛品牌“薇婷”“Veet”, 并跨境独家代理销售美国膳食营养补充剂领先品牌“旭福”“Schiff”、美国骨关节健康专业品牌“Move Free”、美国专业磷虾油品牌“MegaRed”和澳洲驱蚊虫第一品牌“Aerogard”等知名品牌。

公司成立十几年来,本着“真诚 开创 勤奋 和睦”的价值观,坚持“专注”和“执着”的企业发展理念,坚持利他和后赢原则,取得了非常良性的持续发展。

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19/F, Xu Jia Hui International Plaza, No. 1033 Zhao Jia Bang Road, Shanghai


Jason Li 李家成
Legal Manager
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