Project Associates

Project Associates is a pan-European strategic communications consultancy, which operates globally focusing on building, managing and protecting our clients’ privacy and reputations. For more than 20 years, we have advised governments, political movements, corporations and private clients on complex communication issues – issues which are normally at the nexus of the international political, business and media worlds. Our business is to build, manage and protect our client’s reputations, helping them convey key messages in a crowded and competitive media, business and political landscape.

Operating out of our European bases, we provide a bespoke outsourced strategic communications capability for our clients. Our role is to leverage international media and political networks to help our clients dominate the international news agenda.

Leveraging our experience in politics, diplomacy and media, we assist in crafting effective and impactful narratives, and then we work to ensure these gain international traction. We exert influence with relevant key opinion leaders, political figures and media outlets to help positively shift perceptions, build coalitions of support, and effect meaningful change.

Project Associates’ political and communication expertise is second-to-none. Our team is global, and our connections span the centres of power in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. Co-ordinated by our offices in London and Brussels, we are outcome driven, senior, and fleet-of-foot.

As a family-owned private business, we are discerning about the projects that we work on and are oftentimes retained when traditional models have failed. We use our extensive experience specialising in the complex – garnered through successful political and corporate campaigns on every continent – to devise innovative strategies to achieve objectives, and then we aggressively and assertively pursue success. We are renowned for our absolute discretion, our remarkable range of contacts and our unparalleled effectiveness.

UK Address
30 Haymarket, St James's, London, SW1Y 4EX

Peter Headden
Associate Director
Tel: +44 20 7321 0773