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Abacus Medicine Pharma Services (AMPS) is the global pharmaceutical and healthcare services division of the Abacus Medicine Group.

The company mission is to assist patients with unmet medical needs get access to innovative new medicines, while assisting the manufacturers to maximize the clinical and commercial potential of their assets.

Better Access ∙ Better Healthcare

Welcome to a new generation of pharma services

AMPS has developed a market leading range of services focused on providing access to medicines around the world. Working across the lifecycle in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies AMPS creates and delivers innovative solutions that ensure patients can get timely access to the medicines they need, whilst helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies achieve their clinical and commercial objectives.
AMPS has a range of services to support the efficient running of clinical trials called Clinical Trial Solutions (CTS). This is an area where there are great synergies with our parent company, Abacus Medicine. The Abacus Medicine Group holds over 6,200 marketing authorizations, and this provides AMPS with unrivalled access to the medicines required to support the running of clinical trials. In addition, AMPS has developed some unique approaches to minimizing wastage of products that have expired or are no longer required for a trial.
AMPS has extensive knowledge and experience in managing the distribution of specialty medicines, and this service line is called Commercial Partnerships (CP). Higher value, lower volume specialty medicines often do not sit well with the traditional distribution model, and this is where our team of experts develop innovative solutions to help ensure patients have access, while maintaining the commercial requirements of our clients.
AMPS is a strategic partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Managed Access Programs (MAP) provide a framework for a partnership where AMPS creates, implements, and manages a program on behalf of a drug manufacturer to provide access to their drug in countries where it is not commercially available. This can be either in the pre-launch, or the post-launch stage of the product lifecycle. Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of the manufacturer.
The final service that AMPS provides is very much focused on the patient and is called Unlicensed Medicines (ULM). Patients with an unmet medical need often require access to a medicine that is not commercially available in the country where they live. When the customer service team at AMPS receive such a request from a healthcare professional, if we do not already have the product in stock, we find a source of the product and ensure we deliver it, in compliance with appropriate regulations, to the relevant medical establishment ready for the patient to receive treatment.



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