PyxPro is a new digital cross border e-commerce payment gateway and marketing service, designed to build, transform and enrich UK and EU businesses trading with China.


We are focussed on providing our Clients with a simple payment solution that enables them to better engage with Chinese consumers both online and offline by easily and securely plugging into China’s preferred payment providers. Incorporating PyxPro enables our Clients to receive from and make payments to Chinese customers via the leading mobile payment apps, WePay and Alipay. Settlements are seamless, fast and fully regulated under an Electronic Money Licence, with the added benefit of lower financial operating fees than those offered by the traditional banks.


We also provide a marketing  service to position and promote UK brands in China. With a deep understanding of China’s market restrictions and expertise in developing localised marketing strategies, our International digital marketing team works with Clients across all sectors to build brand presence and long-term value and commercial success.


Whether a business is new to or already in China, importing or exporting, our two- way payment and marketing solution aims to expand cross-border ecommerce activity and win market share for all.

Angela Squires