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R&D collaboration opportunity with endoscope company

Business Opportunity Summary:

A Wuhan-based company wishes to work with UK partners on R&D for endoscopic instruments.

Text (Chinese):

A Wuhan-based endoscope company is products products with innovative features including; reduced risk of cross-infection though separation of reusable optics from the disposable catheter and integration of rigid and flexible endoscopic tubes. It is currently developing a new disposable electronic endoscope with clearer images.

It is looking for R&D collaboration opportunities with the UK. It specialises in flexible and rigid endoscopes, endoscopic instruments and other devices. Two major product lines are; ureterorenascopes and percutaneous nephroscopes.

It is looking for opportunities to transfer laboratory findings and technology with UK universities or institutions, into medical products. It is particularly interested in acoustic-optic-electronic technology, which can be applied to its urological products.

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