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Qingdao-based publishing company seeks liberal arts education materials

Business Opportunity Summary:

This publisher seeks British publishers and education organisations to provide teenage teaching materials on drama, music, art and film.

Text (Chinese):

Established in 1987, this publishing company specialises in the editing, printing and trading of media including newspapers and journals. It also uses audio-video, electronic and online platforms to publish its publications.

It has more than 2,000 employees and cooperates with National Geographic and Australian Wilton International Press.

Since the State Council issued “opinion on strengthening middle school and elementary school students’ aesthetic education” late September 2015, all levels of education departments are paying more attention to creating or introducing teaching materials (textbooks) and resources in the following fields of study:

- Music appreciation
- Arts appreciation
- Drama appreciation
- Film appreciation

The local publishing company is entrusted by the municipal Bureau of Education to source qualified teaching materials in above mentioned fields. It is looking for not only paper textbooks, but also programmes with practical courses that encourage teachers and students to enjoy arts as a whole.

The company is willing to discuss this opportunity further and would consider long-term cooperation.

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